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When I first heard about Slimette I was skeptical. It was hard to believe that there exists such an effective slimming products and that it does not cause any side effects. I decided to give it a try and spent my hard earned money on a six-month supply (6 packages). I have been using Slimette for 12 weeks already and I can really see the results. I heartily recommend Slimette to all my friends.

Monica - San Jose, California, USA


I fought being more or less overweight throughout my entire adult life. When graduating, I was pregnant with my first daughter. Pregnancy made my excess weight even larger and more troublesome. At 26, I weighed over 100 kg. It was at that time I decided to take care of myself - an hour of physical activity every other day, a diet rich in high protein foods with a bit of help of appropriate supplementation. It took me a long time to find a dietary supplement that would provide visible results. In this regard, Slimette is much better that its competition - after only 3 weeks of regular use I observed the following effects: loss of appetite, more energy and a significant decrease in body fat (my diet and sport also played a role in it). I strongly recommend Slimette to anyone who seriously thinks about losing weight.

Elizabeth - Tampa Bay, Florida, USA


Being overweight was not my problem. But I always wanted to lose those few extra kilograms. I looked into several popular weight loss pills, but none of them interested me. All of them caused unpleasant side effects, which I did not want to feel. I’m not overly obese so I wasn’t trying to lose weight at all cost. Slimette is the only dietary supplement that didn’t give me side effects, and had an additional positive effect on my health. Within two weeks, I lost 2 kg and I gladly recommend Slimette to others.

Dorothy - Burbank, California, USA

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I will not elaborate on this. I am truly grateful. Thanks to Slimette I lost nearly 20 kg and 15 cm in waistline. Try it. I felt a huge difference in the functioning of my body after just a week of taking Slimette.

Bryan - Portland, Oregon, USA


I am a mother of three small children. I have been using Slimette together with a healthy diet and sport for 3 weeks. During this time, I lost 3 kg. Never before have I felt so healthy - I have more energy and stress doesn't bother me at all! I'm so excited, because I already know that in the coming weeks I will lose even more weight!

Demi - Boulder, Colorado, USA


You have to buy it! I usually do not post product reviews on the Internet, but for Slimette I decided to make an exception. Including Acai berry in my diet together with exercising helped me lose 5 kg, which I previously could not shed no matter what I did. I already recommended Slimette to all my female friends and I'm now recommending it to you. I never expected I would have such a flat belly!

Mary - Springfield, Illinois, USA


I have to admit that I was skeptical about another dietary supplement that is supposed to help lose weight. That is because this type of products disappointed me many times. A friend encouraged me to buy Slimette as she had been already using it for several weeks and was very satisfied with the results. It really showed she lost weight. As a somewhat older person I often feel tired. Slimette gives me a lot of energy during the day. I handle my duties without any problems and I even have energy after work to walk home instead using the public transport.

Diana - Barcelona, Spain


I have tried many dietary supplements containing Acai berry, but they didn’t bring visible results. After several weeks of using Slimette I look better and, what is equally important, I have a lot more energy during the day. Slimette is the best weight loss dietary supplement I have ever used.

Natalia - Poland


Within 30 days, I have lost a few kilograms and started feeling much better. In addition, I have more energy so I use each day better now. I'm going to continue using Slimette and I'll keep you posted on the progress!

Lucyna - Poland


I take Slimette before every meal and I feel really good. I would also like to thank you for quickly fulfilling my orders. I always receive the product within 48h after placing an order!

Grzegorz - Poland

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